Frequently Asked Questions

    To play on our site, you will need to be at least 18 years old; have a Steam account; have no current trade lock; a valid trade link on the site and own some skins to play with.
    • 1. Login with your Steam account by clicking on the button in the top right hand corner of the site.
    • 2. Select the pot you'd like to play in and click on the 'Deposit' button.
    • 3. The window will open where you can select your skins to deposit. Once you've chosen which skins you'd like to play with, click on the 'Deposit x.xx' button.
    • 4. Shortly you will receive a trade from Steam which, when accepted, will enter you into an upcoming pot. Please bear in mind that during busy times a trade can take a while to enter.
    • Once you have accepted the deposit trade, the skins will be entered into a pot. Cancelling a trade after it has been accepted may still result in the skins being entered and these cannot be returned.
      Our admins/mods/bots will never add you on Steam. DO NOT accept any friend requests from anybody pretending to be a admin/mod/bot. We cannot refund any lost skins from people who have been scammed by false admins/mods/bots.
      You can view all your previous pots by clicking on 'Deposits' underneath your username in the top right hand corner of the site. Please note that you must be logged in to see this.
      If you have received these items recently click on 'Deposit' in about 60 seconds again. Also be aware that in the Silver Pot, the deposit window will not show any items that exceed the maximum bet value of 30.00.
      Visit your profile page by clicking on Settings underneath your name in the top right hand corner of the website - here you will see your Steam Trade URL. If it is not empty, then it might have changed since you first set it. You can find your current Trade URL by clicking here. Paste this into the field on your profile page and click 'Save'
      Just like similar sites we provide a roundhash, winnerticket, and a secret (salt) for every round. Other sites describe this as a "Provability fair", which it is not. The only thing it proves is that the winnerticket was generated on the start of a round, and not modified after that. This is by no means a proof that the Winner is not "rigged", which is why we do not offer a "Verification calculator" on our site itself, since it would most likely in every case confirm the validness. The Hash is constructed like this:
      (Without the brackets)
      A maximum of 5% will be taken from jackpot winners with "EZSKINS.com" in their steam username and up to 7% without for further website development, give-aways and upkeep. If the smallest item in the pool already is worth more than 7% of the whole pool, we do not take any rake. Retained items are marked with a icon.
      Since we work with a Ticketsystem, and a winning percentage to pick the winner, and because the bar has subdivisions / because of rounding errors it is possible that there are small margins between what's displayed and the reality. The animation is just there for entertainment, in case it displays something wrongly, the correct winner can be seen in the bar after the animation or in the game history.